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Turbo Drag OVC pump - Oil free TurboCube OVC pump - Oil free
By ordering your oil-free high vacuum pump from Oxford Instruments, you order a complete solution as we provide you with the high vacuum pump and all the necessary vacuum fittings to facilitate connection with KF16 and KF25 flanges. You just need to select the preferred flexible pumping line from the flexible lines section. Turbo Drag OVC pump is recommended for use with small cryostats including vacuum loaded sample cryostats. TurboCubeTM pump is recommended for use with exchange gas and large cryostats.
Application suitability:
Cryostat type Turbo Drag TurboCube
ESR900/910 x x
HelioxAC-V x
Microstat He/N/Hires x
MicrostatBT/MO x x
OptistatAC-V/CF-V x
OptistatCF x x
OptistatDN/DN-V x
SM4000 x x
SpectrostatCF x x
Variox x x
LLD/SMD Magnet dewar x